Fundraising Game Card Sale


our organization can sell discounted game cards to patrons that are valid for gameplay to be used at their own leisure. Your organization will earn anywhere from $1 to $3 for each ticket sold.  Here is how they work: 

• Chaos Room provides batches of 25 game cards to your group, with each card valid for 1 hour of gameplay (see image of a game card below)
• Your group sells the tickets for $6 to $8 per ticket (a discount from our regular price of $8 per ticket)
• Chaos Room receives $5 for each ticket sold
• Your group returns any unsold tickets and keeps the remaining $1 to $3 per ticket sold, yielding up to $75 per ticket batch
• If 10 members of your group sell their complete batches, you will have earned up to $750 for your organization!
• And the best part is that there is NO penalty for unsold tickets — we simply ask you to return unused cards to us within a month of your initial start date

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