Fundraising Day


our organization can select a day on which your patrons can enjoy one of several 2 hour time slots (facility will remain open to the public), with each time slot valid for unlimited gaming and 10 tokens per person.  Here’s how it works:

• Select a fundraising day (to be agreed upon with Chaos Room)
• Chaos Room divides that day into several 2 hour shifts
• Chaos Room receives $200 in advance as a reservation fee (non-refundable such that we can staff for your event accordingly)
• Chaos Room provides admission tickets for your group to sell with each ticket valid for unlimited video gaming and 10 arcade tokens during one of the 2 hour shifts (maximum number of tickets available per shift subject to Chaos Room discretion); see image below to view an admission ticket
• Your group sells the tickets for $10 each
• Chaos Room collects $5 for each ticket sold. Your group keeps the remaining $5 of each ticket sold
• At full capacity, a group hosting a fundraiser from 10 a.m. to midnight can sell up to 300 tickets and raise $1,500 (net of $1,300) from ticket sales alone!  If you couple this with additional ideas such as ticket pledge forms (sponsor for each prize ticket earned), silent auction prizes, and raffles, we are bound to help you achieve your fundraising objectives!  And the best part is, everyone will have a GREAT time in the process!

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