re you in need of a fun and easy fundraiser to help your organization achieve its goals?  The Chaos Room offers one of the best fundraising programs in the country, with various fundraising formats to choose from — many of which return up to 50% of sales to your organization!  Why settle for 10% of a restaurant bill or sell products that people may not actually want or need when you can have a fun-filled, action packed event that will be fun for your patrons and generate significantly more money for your organization than almost any alternative on the market?


Fundraising Day

Your organization can select a day on which your patrons can enjoy one of several 2 hour time slots (facility will remain open to the public), with each time slot valid for unlimited gaming and 10 tokens per person.

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Fundraising Game Card Sale

Your organization can sell discounted tickets to patrons that are valid for gameplay to be used at their own leisure. Your organization will earn anywhere from $1 to $3 for each ticket sold.

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Fundraising Private Party

Your organization can reserve the entire Chaos Room facility for a private fundraising event before or after our normal operating hours. Your organization will have exclusive use of the facility and will raise several hundred dollars while having an amazing time.

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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Don’t think one of our established fundraisers are ideal for your organization? We love to get creative when it involves helping our community — give us a call and let’s get creative together. We are happy to work with you to create the perfect fundraiser for your organization!

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